About us

Nipinox Paraćin

As a small company for the production of components and parts made of stainless steel, formed in 1990. Independent craft shop "Nip". The first year of its work, the firm was engaged in production household water heaters, hydrofoil vessels and small elements made of stainless steel. During the nineties, the production program is slowly changing and "Nip" enters production of process equipment. After a few years of activity is profiled to manufacture equipment for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

From the new demands of the market "Nip" once again narrows down its own production activity on equipment and machines for confectionery and pharmaceutical industry. From the end of the nineties to date, process equipment for confectionery industry is the basis of production of "Nip" and in this direction went to the improvement and expansion of the pallet product. At the same time, there was also the acquisition of new experience and knowledge as well as the expansion of production capacity.

The new chapter in the development of the company is the foundation new company "NIP INOX" doo at the beginning of 2012. Expansion of production facilities, new machines and a larger number of workers is a excerpt from the expansion project for 2012. and the establishment of "NIP INOX" is the first step towards this goal. New firm should inherit the old one and continue to follow it in a successfully traced new ventures. Conquest new and upgrading existing products, within the framework of selected market segments, is a great challenge and a new temptation for the company's management.

We use all our resources and experience to constantly improving our products, we design new machines and we are developing new technologies in order to satisfy the needs and demands of our customers.