Sugar coating pan

Bubanj za oblaganje šećerom

System components

  • Feeding Bucket for Continuous Jelly Dosage
  • Drum Pre-chamber
  • Jelly Moisturizer
  • Drum
  • Drying/Cooling Tunnel (Air Treatment)


Technical description

  •  A coating pan is used for continuous sugar coating of jelly that comes in various forms. The process starts with feeding the jelly into the coating pan pre-chamber for moistening automatically via dosing system and a feeding bucket followed by feeding it into the tumbling and spinning drum where sugar coating by means of special agitators takes place.
  • During the process the drum is tumbling and spinning whereas the sugar remains within continuously coating the jelly passing through the drum. Upon release from the drum, the jelly passes through the tunnel where drying takes place after which it is ready for packing.


Technical specification

  • Pan is entirely made of stainless steel, which is designed for this purpose in the confectionery industry
  • Capacity 50-300 kg/h