Automatic dosing line for glass jars

ElementsLinija za krem oprema

  • Input rotary table to invest glass jars
  • The system for dosing with two heads
  • The system for turning the jars during dosing
  • The system for setting and welding of aluminum foil
  • A system for automatically setting caps on jar
  • Arm to close the lids on the jars
  • Machine for automatic labeling oval jars
  • Output table for collecting the finished product
  • The system for process maintaning over PLC and touch panel

Dvobojni krem oprema

Technical description


  • Dispenser for spread is made from two cylinders per filling station, their volume is 350 gr max for dosing in one jar, which represents 0,7  kg in one tact. Minimal dosing is 50gr per cylinder or 100gr per jar
  • Piston drive is pneumatic, and positioning for quantity is mechanical and satisfies precision to less than 1%
  • Dispenser is automatic, that means that dosing into jars is positioned automaticly, through the sensor, dosing is done, the lid is closed also automaticly
  • Variable volume of deposit and speed
  • Accurate deposits
  • Program for each product and work via PLC
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

Procesna oprema dozer  Procesna oprema dozer staklene  Linija dozer detalj staklo

Technical specification

  • Capacity dozer max. 840 kg / h
  • Glass jar 350g- to 1800 units/hour = 630 kg/h
  • Glass jar 700g-up to 1200 units/hour=840 kg/h
  • The complete system is made of stainless materials, stainless steel
  • Dozer Dimensions are: Length 6000mm, width 900mm, height 1800mm
  • Installed power: max.10 kW
  • Supply voltage: 3x380 V
  • The required air pressure: p = 6 bar